6 UX Trends Gaining Popularity for 2020

One of the good and bad things about planning for optimal User Experience, or UX, is that nothing ever stays the same.

This means that companies wanting to appeal to customers today and tomorrow need to keep coming up with innovative strategies, monitor UX trends and keep an eye on what their competition is doing.

It allows plenty of room for creativity but also can be challenging sometimes to keep up.

For companies looking ahead at UX trends for 2020 and beyond, here are six design concepts.

  1. Good marketing walks potential customers step by step, frame by frame, to your objective. Some people may need the shopping process spelled out especially those unfamiliar with your product or service.
  2. Hands-free service. Voice interaction is becoming more popular since it’s often easier to issue a command than type it.
  3. Easier gestures. While we’re generally familiar with swiping right or left or “snapping” to enlarge or reduce the screen, more phones are incorporating other means of navigation that allow us better uses of our mobile devices. In some cases, there are fewer buttons to press but more things to move our fingers on.
  4. More coordination/communication between devices. Several years ago, companies were encouraged to make sure their page can look the same whether on computers and mobile devices. This is less of a priority now since some companies want every channel to look a little different. But the challenge is now to provide continuity on the different programs on different devices, including remembering “your place” on a video or what musical playlist you were listening to on your laptop before you switched to your mobile phone.
  5. Minimal look. Sites continue to move away from the busy look of the past. Not only does it look too crowded to have a robust home page, but it also slows loading time. Instead, some mobile-friendly sites, only have basic content.
  6. A friendlier approach. Companies can go beyond ‘user-friendly’ and be warm, polite and easy to follow in their UX trends.

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