How to Run an Offer on Facebook Ads

Many businesses find that they need something extra to nudge potential customers off the fence and persuade them to purchase products or services. Facebook Offers provides a dynamic tool to lure consumers to your business. Here are some tips on how to use Facebook ads to increase sales.

The Benefits of Facebook Offers

Although you are able to list coupon codes on regular Facebook ads or posts, Facebook Offers allows you to present a cleaner look and set conditions without cluttering your ad space. For instance, you may want to provide discounts, free classes, or free consultations for a limited period of time. With Facebook Offers, you can set expiration dates, and you can generate a specific number of codes that allow users to claim your offer. You can also determine whether users have the ability to share the offer with friends and whether the offer can be redeemed online or in-store. Facebook ads for limited time offers imbue a sense of urgency in your customers, and they also give you the control of presenting these offers only at times convenient for you.

Considerations When Creating Facebook Offers

One of your most important considerations is the offer’s time frame. Set the beginning date and expiration dates at times when your company is ready to handle the extra push and users are more likely to respond. If you are offering something of high value, consider limiting the number of total coupon codes you generate. Add in any terms and conditions that potential customers must abide by.

How to Create Your Facebook Ads

Be sure that your Facebook ads have strong visuals that will grab the attention of users. Clarity is important. Users should immediately understand what exactly you are offering. Using stark images of contrasting colors against a white background works well. To stress urgency, emphasize the timeliness of your offer. Persuade your customer that the offer is relevant to the present and it will be to their advantage to respond immediately.

In conclusion, Facebook ads with limited time offers are easy to set up and are powerful tools for connecting with potential customers.

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