Tips for Building a Successful Email List

Many marketers are reaching the conclusion that email isn’t so bad after all. Although some never stopped using email lists as part of their greater marketing campaigns, others left them behind or at least put more of their resources into mass texting and other newer tools.

Today, email is being seen as a great way to create a better experience for potential customers with more room for text and graphics and more contact that’s familiar and not as intrusive as constant texts. It also is easier to measure results like how many people opened their emails and what actions they took.

Of course, the trend toward more email options doesn’t mean the basic rules have changed from what they were a decade ago. The ideal campaign benefits from a big email list built or acquired properly, where the emails are complete and clean. Since bulk emails are always about the numbers, the more emails you have in your email list, the higher the chance you have of some being opened.

Strategies for growing a list can include:

  • Offer incentives. Businesses can offer various giveaways or chances to win great prizes by sharing their email. This can be done at in-person locations, by people who visit their site or learn about them in other ways, such as social media or text promotions.
  • Collect business cards. This has always been a good habit at networking events, but now any cards gathered by your staff can have their emails inputted into a list of prospects perhaps with other useful information about this contact.
  • Create VIP opportunities. Invite ‘select’ customers to join a club that comes with privileges like discounts, email coupons, tips or other ‘inside info’ and perks, all in exchange for your email. Of course, the customers don’t have to know that anyone with a valid email can be part of it so it’s not very special.
  • Drive through your site. Every page of your site should include an opportunity to share an email for future contacts, and blog posts should also emphasize this.

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