Top PPC Trends for 2020

Since the inception of Google Ads more than a decade ago, things have changed a lot as far as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is concerned. Due to its ability to deliver impressive results, multiple companies have sought to include this form of advertising in their marketing strategies. In this post, we discuss the top four PPC trends we expect in 2020.

1. Increased use of video ads across multiple channels

More brands are realizing the need to connect with their audiences, tell their stories, and show their personality through the use of visual content. Visual content is not entirely new, but organizations have found it hard to incorporate it into their marketing strategies due to high production costs. As it becomes easier to come up with high-quality videos, more businesses will churn out video content to connect with their target audiences.

2. Advanced audience segmentation

Like video advertising, market segmentation has been in use already. However, with the availability of “big data,” the options are growing. Incorporating market segmentation in PPC ad campaigns will enable organizations to tailor their content to match the target audience’s expectations. This increases the chances of converting into sales exponentially.

3. Integration of PPC with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence seems to be finding its way in multiple areas of digital marketing. The prospect of having technology take over mundane tasks frees up time for the employees in the marketing department to strategize and focus on prospects. In PPC, AI will be used to predict future ads’ click-through-rates and determine their quality scores. AI tools will also help marketers isolate bids that are likely to bring the most organic traffic.

4. Voice search adaptation

With the increased use of voice search on mobile devices, companies have to come up with ads that adapt to this feature. This is because when people use the voice search feature, search engines use algorithms to retrieve relevant results as well as which ads will appear.

The above PPC trends will enable businesses to reach wider and relevant audiences. Although they are expected to gain traction next year, they are already happening. This makes now the best time to start experimenting and gain an edge over your competitors.

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